Alcaline Fuel Cells (AFCs) A fuel cell system for stationary or mobile applications.

Fuel cells uses hydrogen and oxygen as fuel for direct conversion of chemical energy into electric. Hydrogen can be extracted from methanol on demand basis. (no hydrogen storage) An so called reformer is used for the conversion or production of H2. Methanol (CH3OH) is decomposed in the reformer into H2 and CO2. If using biomethanol, this fuel cell system is CO2 neutral and the only rest product is H2O.
The oxygen is taken from the air. 

Our 300 W battery charger.  (Gross 500 W,  but 200 W are used for balance of plant. (BOP)
It is using methanol and water. 4 liters (2.8 liter methanol and 1.2 liters of water) can produce 7kWh from the little box in 24 hrs